Does Salt Turn into Sugar when its contained by the human body?

Does Salt Turn into Sugar when its in the human body?.debate @ the connecticut culinary institute

no, sugar is glucose.salt isnt
no it turnes surrounded by to celulite
Everything converts to sugars and undigestibles (waste) after digestion except for trace minerals such as salts.
No, here is no way saline can turn into sugar. They may look similar, but the chemical make-up is severely different.
nope. saline is sodium chloride, we get it from the the deep water, while sugar is made of glucose, and it comes from plant. see? there's a BIG difference..
why of coarse it actual starch turns to sugar!
Salt is made up of sodium and chlorine so when saline is broken down it will turn into the same components.

Sugar is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen .
There are big differences between the two.

In a deepest sense, if the elements within salt will own atomic configuration in the human body afterwards that be the explanation you can give for it to turn into sugar. That is the possibility I can predict.
no.not at adjectives inside the human body..
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