What is the difference between curing and treating a disease?

Treating alleviates the symptoms. Curing get rid of the disease .
treating - does not remove disease ,but make it slow down and reduces the badness

cure - remove disease and being is now rid of that disease
All cures-healings are forms of treatment , but not all treatments are cures. Cures are supposedly lastingly end a condition whether we know the treatment or explanation of healing or not. The body ITSELF treats diseases for us constantly by thousands of homeostasis mechanism it utilizes dynamically and constantly, so our body-cells-tissues-organs is-are our own physician in some instances, and our body dispenses huge numbers of chemicals-drugs for us. IF body can't do it alone, we may want help from different forms of help out here, from traditional allopathic AMA type medicne or surgery to currently less traditional "holistic treatments," including folk drug , home remedies or faith healings. Treatments can relief alleviate the symptoms, but may NOT get rid of a condition. Diseases can be infectious and non-infectious, chronic , acute , genetic, non-genetic. Thus "treatment" is a hugely general word and might simply mean something as simple as "embezzle an asprin and drink water and bear bedrest" or might be treated with complex plan or strategy using lots chemical, surgical, energetic modalities.
curing is getting rid of it while treating is just alleviating the symptoms
both is the same
i thought it was impossible to tell apart thing
in attendance is no difference
Curing system actually ridding the body of a disease
Treating ability dealing with the symptoms mostly but you would still hold the disease
For example, Pink Eye is curable
Aids is treatable
You treat symptoms to support alleviate the patient's condition. To cure them is to irreversibly remove the disease .
surrounded by curing a disease the person will probably never bring the disease again but, in treating a disease approaching cancer or a cold the person could carry infected again.
The body is so striking that often it can cure lacking treament.
Fever is a natural instrument to kill bacteries.
curing is getting rid of the disease ie it's totally gone but treating it is making it better ie you still hold it.
curing is getting rid of it entirely. treating it means your only just making it livable but you still have it
A lot of money.
Curing means you get rid of the disease . Treating means you are "treating" the symptoms, but you are not eliminate the disease .

Many of fairly adjectives diseases fall contained by the "treatment" category. Those include diabetes , multiple sclerosis , Parkinson's disease . Sometimes, such diseases are often referred as chronic ailments. This suggests that next to the current state of medicine these ailments are incurable, but they can be treated so that their symptoms can be moderated somewhat.
curing is to make it completely stir away and treating it is trying to make it turn away
Curing a disease means getting rid of it forever. Treating it is simply controlling the symptoms.
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