Why is one lung bigger than the other?

I always thought it be because of the heart taking up space from a side of the chest
The heart have to go somewhere.
because of the heart
To spawn room for the heart.
Because of the heart.
cus u use 1 side of your body mor than the other
if u look close u wil see that u hfeet r not the same eather
and your hand
To give room for the moved out ventricle of the heart.

technically its not bigger.

left lung two lobes, ten segment.

right lung three lobes, ten segments.

the not here lung divides apicoposterior segment. that's (s+1 + s+2)

and the right lung divides in apical segment(s+1) and posterior segment(s+2).

so consider that yes the not here lung is smaller due to the cardiac impression but have the same number of bronchus as the right lung.
One lung has 3 lobes, the other one have only 2. The larger
one is by the heart, and used to pump more blood to the
vanished side of the lung, than the right side.Yes it is larger
because of the blood flow from the heart.
Have a heart. You know the answer.
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