How do doctors know which patients to move about to?

like when a doctor is within the er and someone hands them someones report, how do they know who it is theyre supposed to treat?

On all their patients that's assigned to them and the priority of the forgiving.
It says on the front of the chart which room the lenient is in. Most of us also confirm identity by asking "Mr. Clinton?" as we hike in the room. Sometimes there's a computerized chronicle of patients. Depends on the ER .

If the patient is delivery any drugs or blood, the nurse will double check that the patient explicitly going to receive the blood is the same one that it be ordered for and so forth.
well doctors calculate the vital signs... Blood pressure .... respiratory rate....... pulse .......heat and then they examine the broad body function...and also consciousness...then they draw from the idea of how serious the tolerant is..then they shift on in a priority font.....but crictically ill to stable patients
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