Can you exhale through your ears?

Trying to settle a bet. When you plug your nose and mouth and try and exhale, does nouns pass through the middle ear and escape?

Yeah, sure you can! There be that crazy guy in 1800's that could do it. You hold to be gifted, though, within a way. Like have some pipe connecting your trachea with your ears.
That is absolutely impossible. whoever told you that is to say mistaken.
No you can not. You can prove this to yourself if you enjoy ever had pressure surrounded by your ears that you tried to clear by exhaling against closed mouth and nostrils. The pressure that you feel contained by your ears, that might make them "pop", is the pressure to be exact developing behind your eardrums. If you can draw from air through them they must be perforate.
its just impossible.Normal ancestors cannot do it
Not if your tympanic membrane (eardrum) is intact. It is possible to force nouns through the Eustachian tubes into the middle ear, but no farther without perforate the eardrum.
singular if your empty head, or have a hole, thats approaching plugging everything and have it comeing out your butt,
yes. block your nose and mouh.afterwards try to exhale. You'll be surprised.
No! But I can inhale through my butt .Don't smael to fitting tho!
no it doesnt
Yes. Once you bust your eardrums, pinch your nose, close your mouth and blow unadulterated hard. You'll enjoy to try to feel the upper air coming out of your ears because you certainly won't know how to hear anything (and I mean anything, for the rest of your life)
No, you can't. While there is a lane connecting your air system near your ears, that opening is aft your ear drum. This is what allows you to 'pop' your ears so that you can hear again if the air pressure change. It's a good article you can't breathe there, too, because deem of all the gunk contained by your ears that would get into your system.
Yes, I knew a woman next to a punctured eardrum. She could and it sounded GROSS!! Eweeee. Bad memories.lolz.
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