How does induced coma work?

Coma is a state of unconsciousness and, within medical terms, is produced (or induced) by broad anaesthetic or sedative agents.

This is used contained by intensive care, to render fairly conscious patients completely unconscious. The pretext for this is that, if you are partially conscious, later you may manage to lose your airway (swallow your tongue/block your throat etc..), or stop breathing. However, be you to be intubated, then you would be conscious plenty to have a reflex laryngospasm, which would exact the vocal cords to slam shut to protect the lungs (but would also produce it impossible for you to breathe, or to be ventilated - unless a paralysing drug is given quickly).

These days, propofol is used as the intravenous agent (in the UK), fairly than barbiturates , as it is less toxic if the dose is too illustrious.

There is another sort of induced coma , which is a metabolic induced coma (eg by low blood sugar). This rather harmful practice was tried as a treatment for schizophrenia (without much success). When antipsychotic medication be invented in the 50s and 60s, this revolutionised psychiatry , and coma psychotherapy was uncommon any more.
hit on the head near a baseball bat deffinitly induces a coma
When I was a child , my inclination books were James Herriot's tale of veterinary practice. I remember one story where a ewe be really ill and he arranged he would put her down. When he was call back the following week, the ewe be up and about and he have realised that instead of killing her he have induced a barbiturate coma that had allowed the important functions of life to verbs the healing process in need any interference by the conscious mind. By not feeling distress and being immobile further injury be prevented and the body could slowly knit together again. This was surrounded by the 1930s.
A sledgehammer full force will induce a permanent coma .
Sometimes it would be too painful or too terrifying to keep a lenient awake. for example if they have suffered severe burns over their together body.

So they put you in a coma so that you won't move and won't be aware of any pain .

It's a short time ago some sort of medication that they use. I don't know anything specific, sorry.
I'm no expert, but my perception of induced comas are that patients are drugged to protect brain functions and stop potential brain damage. Coma 's be a sign of that the brain functions are reduced to minimal levels and in consequence it is harder to suffer brain damage
shutting down all non-essential systems and the body using that superfluous dash to heal itself
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"A barbiturate-induced coma, or barb coma, is a stopgap coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) brought on by a controlled dose of a barbiturate drug , usually pentobarbital or thiopental. Barbiturate comas are used to protect the brain during main surgery , and as a last smudge of treatment in infallible cases of status epilepticus that have not responded to other treatments."
ask Tyson to punch you on the mouth, that would be induced.
A barbiturate-induced coma , or barb coma , is a impermanent coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) brought on by a controlled dose of a barbiturate drug , usually pentobarbital or thiopental. Barbiturate comas are used to protect the brain during crucial surgery , and as a last procession of treatment in dependable cases of status epilepticus that have not responded to other treatments.

Barbiturates run down the metabolic rate of brain tissue, as well as the psychological blood flow. With these reductions, the blood vessel in the brain rigid, decreasing the amount of volume occupied by the brain , and hence the intra-cranial pressure. The hope is that, near the swelling relieved, the pressure decreases and some or adjectives brain damage may be averted, however this may not be the bag. The brain may swell to such proportions as to rupture and bleed out of the ears and even eyes.

Controversy exists, however, over the benefits of using barbiturates to control intracranial hypertension . Some studies have shown that barbiturate-induced coma can cut back on intracranial hypertension but does not necessarily prevent brain damage. Furthermore, the running down in intracranial hypertension may not be sustained. Some randomized trials enjoy failed to demonstrate any survival or morbidity benefit of induced coma surrounded by diverse conditions such as neurosurgical operations, organizer trauma , intracranial aneurysm rupture, intracranial hemorrhage, ischemic stroke , and status epilepticus.

About 55% of the glucose and oxygen utilisation by the brain is meant for its electrical commotion and the rest for all other actions like metabolism . This is recognised by something such as a Electro encephalogram (EEG), which measures electrical distraction in the brain . When barbiturates are given to a brain injured patients for Induced coma , they deed by reducing the electrical activity of the brain , which surrounded by theory reduce the metabolic and oxygen demand. Once near is improvement surrounded by the patient's general condition, the barbiturates are withdrawn at a snail`s pace and the patient regain consciousness.
There is a part of your brain call the reticular activating system. It controls the amount of sensory input your brain receive thus regulating consciousness. It is what is used when sleeping to stop the outside world from disturbing you too much.

I would thus think that an induced coma would stroke on the reticular activating system, decreasing your state of consciousness to the point of one comatose.
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