How Much Acetaminophen Can You Take At One Time?

I know not to go over 4000mg A time, But what about at one time?

When I want too I take 1500mg At one time. Thats OK right?

honestly, i would modify to ibuprofen... any kind, they are adjectives basically like by brand... except if you get a liquigel it will start to work faster.

ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory as in good health as a pain reliever, and most twinge that you might take an otc pill for is a result of inflammation .

i would just take 800mg at a time unless you are within serious pain . afterwards start with 800 or 1000, afterwards add more ifyou necessitate to later.
Yes, to be exact quite alright.
in reality it is too much. 1300 mg taken at once is the highest allowed dose for adults next to healthy liver/kidneys. if you give somebody a lift it for pain and 1000-1300 mg does not bring nouns - you need something stronger, but not complex dose, it will damage your liver . what you can do is pinch acetaminophen and ibuprofen unless you have a condition contained by which NSAIDs (nonsteroid antiinflamatory drugs) are contraindicated. also keep contained by mind that body gets used to any type of analgesic, so if you've be taking acetaminophen for a long time the same dose that used to aid before might not be forceful now. also get sure your liver function is within regular limits, because as stated above acetaminophen DOES affect the liver and kidneys (overdose may exact failure of these organs) when taken surrounded by high doses for a long interval of time.

In regards to ibuprofen, it is not better than acetaminophen , it is different. if affects your gastrointestinal tract, increases risk of bleeding because it act as a blood thinner. so... before you want to take any medication beyond the "recommended dose", do consult your physician. even those meds that give the impression of being "harmless" have side effects
why are you taking so much? it take a toll on your liver or kidneys. (tylenol hurts one and advil hurts the other, can't remember which is which) you need adjectives your organs to survive. when i sprained my ankle so bad, the Dr give me an advil perscription of 800 m per pill. and it was 1 every 6 hours. that would be my put a ceiling on at any given time. but if your Dr. says it's ok, after it must be ok. good luck to you
There's never a time when you entail to take 1500 mg of acetaminophen , near the possible exception of the first dose when you're planning to take it for several days for confusion control. When it's used for pain nouns, there's a plateau effect at about 900 mg for the average-sized personality, and additional drug offer no additional dull pain relief. I hear this stuff adjectives the time, but when it's studied in a controlled environment, the new decrease contained by pain is coincidental. For instance, surrounded by migraine studies pain other goes down after treatment , including placebo. So personal experience next to "I have to filch 3 pills to do any good" is actually a combination of placebo effect and post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc logical error.
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