Can you buy Sodium Pentathol "truth serum" online or anywhere?

It's a scheduled drug used for sedation and for the treatment of seizure. Not the sort of thing lay associates can just buy. Armed beside a license and DEA certificate, you can go and get it through the same suppliers as other drugs .
Yeah, like place you can buy crack online. Both drugs are controlled, so you are not going to be able to find it well, although it isn't impossible.

As I've said before, pentathol isn't a specifically good truth serum. It make you disinhibited, but so does alcohol . Especially if you are trying to get information out of someone who doesn't want to natter, I don't think it'd work drastically well because they would be unbelievably unwilling to cooperate. People who talk underneath sedation are usually not under like peas in a pod conscious stress to keep dormant.

If you'd like to engineer someone nauseated, or maybe to butcher them by accident, pentathol would be great. BTW, it's simply an IV drug , so you can't just slip it within someone's drink
First of all, the together "truth serum" thing is a myth. I've used it on hundreds of inhabitants. It will give you as much "truth" as a few alcoholic drinks.

It's a controlled substance, so you can't buy it unless you hold permission from the DEA to do so.

And if you WERE going to use it, did you know that it cause respiratory and circulatory depression , leading to decrease in blood pressure and breathing? You own to be careful using anesthetic drugs ifyou haven't be trained in airway administration and cardiovascular resuscitation . There's a fine line between the receiver getting a little chatty and not breathing.
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