How long after taking tylenol w/ codeine should i linger in the past drinking beer?


if you value the vigour of your liver , consider at least a week. tylenol have a long life span within your system, its effects with alcohol are indeed toxic and the results are cumulative, you may not hold or show any side effects at first, but they accumulate to a point where on earth it takes over 18 months of concentrated physical exertion to overcome one case of over medication and to detox/cure
I am not a doctor, so my direction is based solely on gut feeling.

Since acetominophen breaks down surrounded by the liver , and since that product can be toxic to the liver in glorious doses, and since alcohol is also toxic to the liver ...

I'd say that *I* would keep on at least a afternoon.
You should not mix opiates with alcohol . They can manufacture each other stronger (synergistic effect).

Is one beer and one Tylenol #3 going to slaughter you? Probably not, but I'd be stupid to tell you it be OK.

Save the drinking for when you are no longer suffering from whatever the painkillers are for.
depens on your immensity, gender, tolerance , etc

but i would not even touch a beer for 24 hours to be protected because effects can be severe

i am a family doctor and i hear stories about blisters , embarrassment, burnings in combing medicine with beer, but not next to tylenol.
Well that depends on the amount of tylenol u take or how much beer you drink? If you run 2 tylenol then you can own couple of beers. I myself take 2 to 3 codeine's and drink give or take a few 5 beers but im 6'3 220. You can take codeine and drink but to know when to stop is up to you! You hold to know your limitations. Thats pretty much how i judge it! ;)
I guess u will be ok after u wait a few days
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