Is it possible to commit suicide by overdosing on tylenol?

I thought you couldn't but that Bruce Edwards Ivins (the scientist behind the 2001 anthrax attacks) bloke apparently killed himself with tylenol?

Yes it is. Acute Tylenol overdose probably kill more people each year than any other drug. High levels of acetiminophen the prevalent ingredient in Tylenol will cause liver failure and passing. I work as a nurse in an emergency room and in 5 years in the ER own seen more deaths from Tylenol than any other prescription or street drug. The really sad part of a set is that liver failure can take several days to kill you sometimes, and at hand is nothing that can be done to reverse it. So the person is alive and regrets taking the overdose but has to frontage the reality that they are going to die in a matter of days and nought can be done.
Wow - really! Funny - Bruce Edwards might have killed a couple people near that Anthrax. Bush has killed perhaps a million those with his religious arrogance and bombs - but the FBI won't go to Bush's house and arrest him.

Yes - Tylenol eats up your liver something unruly. Not sure what the deadly overdose amount would be - but Bruce Edwards being a scientist probably knew adjectives too well.
Any drug you take too much of will kill you. That is why it's called a drug.

Why didn't Dr. Ivans use anthrax?? I'm sure he have that in his medicine cabinet, too. wink wink
Yes, it's possible, but the death is not quick or painless. I do reason Mr. Evans' overdose was with Tylenol with codeine, the latter human being the agent responsible for his death.
Yes because the main ingredient is acetaminophen, anything near it in the substance CAN kill you depending on how high of a dose you transport
Yes, but you own to take a lot of it. Acetaminophen or any drug for that matter have to be broken down in the liver. Too much of a drug will destroy the liver.
Too much of anything will kill you. Euthanizing pets is giving them an overdose of anesthetic, so yes, painkillers within excess will definitely kill you .
The guy was a research scientist.
I'd guess he used something surrounded by combination.
They rarely give the whole story, and that sort of info is
not disseminated delicately.
Overdosing on anything even water can kill you. Tylenol is a drug, and oding on drugs can be remarkably dangerous. just like oding on any other kinda dugs.
i guess it is but i've heard that ppl who tried to overdose on tynenol done up in the hospital b/c of brain damage and other reprecussions.
Y so serious?
if Bruce Edwards did than obviously its possible

i guess so. if you can die from an od on laxatives and asprin, im sure you can from tylenol
you can od on anything to the point of death. Yes.
Yeah, I know a girl who almost died from a tylenol overdose.
Then yes, it's possible.

yes, tylenol is broken down in the liver, if you take too much your liver is poisoned and stops working. anything over 4 grams a sunshine is considered to be toxic. when your liver shuts down your other organs start shutting down too...and then you die.
as with anything, it depends on how much you hold. You take enough of it and yes anything could be deadly

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