Why can't they DRAW BLOOD from my ARMS??

I went to get some blood for some tests and they in recent times couldn't draw any blood from me! They tried two times in both arms! What's going on? Am I some sort of vapire? lol
Seriously, is this common??

It's common ...

* The human being drawing the blood was inexperienced. Give them ONE try in each arm and next tell them to go get someone who is the best surrounded by the lab.

* You were dehydrated

* You tensed up your arms and they couldn't feel the capillary (I know they tell you to clench a fist, but it doesn't always make things easier. I be taught to have patients relax, and it makes the vein really easyto find)

* Something quite common in young at heart women, regardless of their plumpness: they have enough subcutaneous fat contained by that area that it hides the veins.

* They tried to carry blood from an obvious surface vein ... which usually is not a good theory because they usually collapse.
It is common, and no, you're not a vampire, nor are you weird. You may have simply be dehydrated (maybe didn't drink enough water in the past the blood draw). Some people simply don't have easily palpable at a tangent veins. Even the most experienced phlebotimist will have trouble accessing a periperal capillary every once in a whilst. Your best bet is to drink plenty of fluid and just hope that the phlebotomist drawing the blood sample is apt and knows special techniques such that even the tiniest vein can be access.

It's almost unheard of to "not be able to find a peripheral vein to draw blood from." Hell, I'll draw the blood from the capillary anterior to your medial malleolus. Just drink plenty of water next time, and I reckon they'll get the token they need.

Don't freak out, there's nothing weird roughly you.
Sounds like someone who's inexperienced missed your veins a couple times.
Maybe your veins weren't big adequate? You should ask them what the problem was.

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