Skeletal system and others?

Can you please help me with some true/false that i am confused about? The word within parenthesis should be changed to the correct answer if the statement is false. thanks!!

1. Healing of a partially torn ligament is slow because its hundreds of fibrous strands are poorly (aligned).

2. Atrophy and thinning bonwe owing to hormonal changes or disinterest (generally in the elderly) is called (osteoporosis).

3. Soft spots in the skull of a fetus are eventually replaced by immovable joint called (?).

4.____ Which reinforce the fibrous capsule help to prevent the dislocation of a communal, while the resilient substance that keeps bone ends from crushing when compressed is ________

5. Deprived of nutrition, (osteocytes) at the fracture site die.
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2 is true
3 is sutures
4a is ligaments b is meniscus

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